Our Story

We Originally Struggled to Find Good People

TechRank was born out of frustration. We found it highly time-consuming and difficult to find great tech talent. Whilst running our technology consultancy, Pioneer Labs, we wanted a better way to find the talent that would enable great outcomes for our consultancy clients. So, we by-passed the recruitment agencies and innovated new solutions to the age-old problem of finding good people.

We Created TechRank to Solve the Problem

By leveraging our decades of deep technical expertise, we created highly-scalable systems that can digest and analyse code within milliseconds. These systems took our teams years to develop and are at the cutting edge of the recruitment industry. Now, we only use TechRank to hire the best technical resources for our consulting engagements around the world.

TechRank Is Now Available to Our Clients

We have now scaled TechRank so that it can service our clients requirements. In the first few months since launch, TechRank evolved rapidly and we have many more features in the pipeline over the coming months. Asid form the expertise on hand to test candidates, TechRank also eliminates wasted time in the workflow of hiring.

Our Values


We are shaking up the IT Recruitment industry, not only with our expertise and technology, but also with our honesty and integrity.

Continuous Improvement

Recruitment has not significantly moved forward for many years. We are committed to seeking feedback and making continuous improvement in our service.


We will out-innovate ourselves on a regular basis so that we can provide our clients with the best service imaginable.

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