Technology Expertise

Unlike other recruitment services, we are technology consultants who have the skills to expertly distinguish between candidates. We use our expertise to set tests for candidates that are aligned with your exact requirements, which ensures that the best candidates rise to the top.


Proprietary Testing Tools

We have built TechRank to comprehensively test and rank candidates current skills, including coding tests. We can test thousands of candidates simultaneously and score their responses. This gives you an easy way to select the most suitable candidates.


Hire Objectively

Remove the bias from your hiring process by enabling your hiring teams to make decisions on objective facts rather than subjective opinions. Our tests ensure the best talent rises to the top and gives your organisation the confidence that it is genuinely hiring as ethically as possible.


Create Great Teams

Great teams are formed of great individuals who are skilled in the right areas. TechRank enables you to identify and hire the individuals that form great teams and it’s these great teams that can genuinely make the difference between success and failure for your projects and products.


Hire With Ease

We  quickly find candidates whose skills are proven to match the role requirements before you spend time on reviewing CVs and interviewing. We also save you from having to divert technical resources off projects and onto interviewing. Our dashboard makes tracking and workflow a doddle.


Traditional Recruitment Firms In-house Recruiters TechRank
Access to Large Candidate Databases
Talent Sourcing Algorithms
Team of Technology Experts
Custom-Made Tests to Match Your Project Requirements
Candidate Testing Tools
Ranked List of Tested Candidates
Simple Dashboard to Manage All Candidates

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