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Continuous Metrics on Tech Skills are Vital


For decades, organisations have been investing heavily in technical teams without fully understanding the actual capabilities and skill levels of their people on an ongoing basis. With TechRank, organisations gain hard data on their technical talent, enabling them to flourish in the new digital economy.

Tested Candidates

Unlike traditional recruiters, we don’t just email you a handful of CVs. Instead, we test candidates to find out exactly what their current skill levels are. This enables you to hire objectively.

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Easier Hiring

Your team can easily schedule interviews with the right candidates and keep track of everything in one place.

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Transparent Workflow

Our dashboard gives you full transparency on every candidate and exactly what stage in the workflow they’re at. Your team can quickly find the candidates who have proven their skills.

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Benefits of Testing Candidates

By replacing traditional recruitment agencies with TechRank, you can expect some major benefits.


Finding the right team members can be very time-consuming for project teams. Many weeks can be wasted for several members of your teams. We take on the filtering and assessment of candidates so that your teams can focus on delivery.


Traditional agencies often quickly pick a handful of CVs from a vast pool of candidates, missing out on the real talent. We dive much deeper and find the best quality candidates that match your exact requirements.


Despite our investment in teams of experts and complex assessment technology, our rates are still very similar to traditional recruiters. This means you get far better value for your money, making TechRank a no-brainer decision.


By hiring the right resources, your project outcomes will inevitably be positively impacted, making your organisation more competitive and attractive for investors. Successful project delivery is gold for your career and reputation.

Our Difference

We’re very different to anything you’ve known before.

Traditional Recruitment Firms In-house Recruiters TechRank
Access to Large Candidate Databases
Talent Sourcing Algorithms
Team of Technology Experts
Custom-Made Tests to Match Your Project Requirements
Candidate Testing Tools
Ranked List of Tested Candidates
Simple Dashboard to Manage All Candidates

'We built TechRank as we found it incredibly difficult to hire quality resources for our tech consultancy. Good talent exists, but you have to dedicate a lot of time and expertise to find it.'

Gurvinder Singh & Filippo di Pisa
Co-Founders of Pioneer Labs

Is TechRank a recruitment agency?

TechRank is a tech talent acquisition service offered by Pioneer Labs (a specialist technology consultancy). Similar to traditional recruitment agencies, we place resources with our clients. However, we don’t simply send across CVs and expect our clients to do all of the time-consuming assessment. Instead, we use our in-house experts to thoroughly test candidates so that our clients have a much simpler and valuable experience.

How much does your service cost?

Our rates vary depending on factors such as volume and exclusivity. However, what we can say is that our rates are very similar to traditional recruitment agencies, despite the expertise and technology that we employ to create the substantial extra value. We can achieve this by automating some of the functions that have traditionally been completed by humans.

What skills/roles can you test for?

All of the obvious roles that can be tested for includes those which require the writing of code or configuration of tools. However, we are also able to test candidates for roles which require certain thought processes that have been acquired over years of experience (Business Analysts, Testers, Agile Coaches, Project Managers etc.) by posing real-life delivery problems that require written or verbal answers. These types of responses are assessed exclusively by our experts, rather than having automated systems to filter out the lower-grade responses first.

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The best skilled resources will be more impactful than even larger teams of standard resources. We give you the ability to choose better.

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