Why Testing Candidates is Critical

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Why Testing Candidates is Critical

As many CIOs will attest to, IT recruitment has been broken for a long time now. At TechRank, we do things very differently. One of the key ways in which we differ is that we test all candidates to thoroughly understand their current skills.

But why is testing so important and how can it benefit your organisation?

Faster Recruitment of the Right Candidates

When traditional recruiters send you a bunch of CVs within 24 hours, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re getting a good service. But are you getting the right candidates?

If you’re receiving candidates who are not actually right for the open role, you can spend weeks or months on interviewing over and over again. 

You should also factor in the time this whole process can take for your entire team, the time taken away from other project work and also the impact on hiring the wrong resources.

By testing candidates, TechRank is able to demonstrate who the right candidates are, so you spend less time in the overall hiring process.

Objectively Better Hiring

Hiring can often be subjective and arbitrary. Traditional recruiters arbitrarily select what they think are relevant CVs and interviewing of candidates is often based on how well a candidate is perceived.

IT recruitment should actually be about objectivity. How does one candidate measurably compare to another? 

By taking this scientific approach, you are far more likely to be able to objectively discern between applicants and therefore hire better.

Better Team Fit

When we mention hiring better, we don’t just mean hiring demonstrably better candidates, but we also mean hiring for a better team fit.

By testing candidates, you are able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual and thereby form teams that are balanced. 

For example, if you’re hiring another Java developer for your team, by using TechRank you may find a Java developer who submits cleaner code than your current team. Supplementing your team with this candidate could help avoid further technical debt in your code base.

Improved Outcomes for Clients, Candidates & Teams

Aside from the points above, clients find that tested candidates contribute far more effectively when they are hired to do a role which fits their skills.

This is a win for clients, the candidates and the teams within which they work. 

Candidates who are well-matched to open roles are also far more likely to thrive within an organisation, as they find their work is valued by their team. Candidates who are a poor match are less likely to make an impact and can often become a drain on the team and wider organisation.


Testing candidates is a no-brainer within IT recruitment. Aside from hiring better and faster, testing of candidates also results in better outcomes for teams, candidates and clients.

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