Powerful Tech Made Simple

On-demand tech challenges & deep analytics delivered to a web browser.


Easily Create Jobs & Attract Top Candidates

TechRank’s easy-to-use wizard automatically generates job specifications that are pushed out to relevant job boards and sets appropriate technical challenges – no technical knowledge required.

A bespoke pipeline is generating, allowing both hirers and candidates to visualise the end-to-end process.

Collaborate with your hiring team to agree on which candidates to progress, using private comments, star ratings, shortlisting and favourites.



Ultimate Code Editor With Real-World & Full Stack Challenges

The TechRank platform is designed to assess candidates with any technical skill. TechRank hosts a wide-variety of languages and framework combinations that are pre-configured and available on demand, matching the actual working environment of top technology firms.

Our code editor in the browser comes with all of the major features of a desktop editor, with support for syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, box-selection, snippets and IntelliSense code completion – making it a joy to use!


Candidates Ranked & Skills Analysed In-Depth

TechRank radically simplifies the complex task of evaluating tech candidates, even for hirers who have no tech knowledge.

Candidates are automatically ranked – making it incredibly simple to know who the best candidates are. 

Our reports provide deep insights into the technical ability of each candidate so that decisions can be based on data rather than intuition alone.



The World's only Skills-Driven Hiring Platform

TechRank is the world's only platform that enables end-to-end hiring based on the actual skills of candidates.
Broad Sourcing

TechRank advertises roles far and wide across multiple global platforms to enable the right candidates to apply.

Full Stack Challenges

We believe tech skills are more important than a flashy CV or resume. Our challenges are real-world and full-stack.

Candidate Ranking

TechRank scores all applicants and then ranks them in order. This makes it simple to select the very best applicants.

Auto Set Challenges

No technical skills are required to hire using TechRank. Challenges are set automatically based on the role.

Skills Report

TechRank analyses the code responses from candidates and produces insightful reports than help you make decisions.

Candidate Pipeline

TechRank auto-generates a pipeline to help you process candidates throughout the hiring cycle.

Applicant Tracking

It can be difficult to keep track of all the applicants, so TechRank includes an incredibly useful tracking system for free.

Arrange Interviews

With TechRank, it's easy to arrange interviews with the very best applicants. A few clicks is all it takes.

Team Collaboration

Tech hiring is usually a team effort. TechRank has useful collaboration tools built-in as standard.

Find the Best Candidates Without Human Bias

Despite our best efforts, humans have a proven tendency to prefer people who are most like ourselves! TechRank removes this bias by focussing only on skills – the only right way to discriminate.

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