People + Technology

TechRank began by testing developers, but we can now test resources across a large variety of IT skill sets and competences. Here's a sample of some of the resources that we can test. Aside from tests, we can also conduct in-depth interviews to ascertain skill levels.


Manual Testers

Auto Testers


Business Analysts

UX Designers

Project Managers

Scrum Masters

Agile Coaches

Tech Leads

DevOps Engineers

Data Engineers


We regularly source short-term contractor resources with specific skills.

Contractor resources are very useful for projects that do not require ongoing support post-delivery. It is vital to clearly understand the different skills and abilities of contractors at various different rates. With TechRank you can ascertain exactly who you are hiring.

Permanents & Graduates

Permanent and graduate resources are with you for the long haul.

It is vital to your organisation to hire the right permanent and graduate resources based on as much information as you need. TechRank help you to delve deeper and make these important decisions based on facts.

Bespoke Service

We can create a bespoke service using our expertise and technology.

Some of our clients request us to create bespoke tests for their existing resources in order to identify the best fit for upcoming projects. We can take this one step further and identify training gaps. We can also create bespoke training if required.

Easy to use, transparent dashboard to track all candidates.

The TechRank dashboard displays a ranked list of all candidates so it's easy for you to pick out the ones you'd like to progress.

TechRank allows you to view the candidate’s CV, give your own private ratings, keep notes, view test submissions, collaborate with others in your team, ask further questions to the candidates, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and make offers.

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