Improve Your Tech Hiring Instantly

Our tech experts shortlist your candidates so you can focus on hiring the very top tech talent available.


Reduce the Noise & Focus on the Best Candidates

When faced with hiring the best candidates from a large applicant pool, wouldn’t you rather focus your time on the candidates who have already been assessed to be the most technically skilled?

TechRank has the platform and experts who can get you to a shortlist in hours, on demand and at scale.



Hiring Intuition Can't Compete With Data Driven Hiring

Almost all hirers use candidate profiles to make an “intelligent guess” on which candidates to focus on. If wrong, these intuition-based decisions can be very costly to the future of the organisation.

A better approach would be to hire based on skills data. TechRank enables you to make hiring decisions based on data that is consistent and reflects the skills of your candidates, from the very outset of the hiring process.


Skills-Driven Hiring

Reduce Noise

We help you find the needles in the haystacks, so you can focus on the very best candidates.

Save Engineering Hours

Stop dragging in your tech leads to interview candidates should be used at the final stages only.

Consistent Approach

TechRank scores all applicants and then ranks them in order. This makes it simple to select the very best applicants.

Expert Assessments

No technical skills are required to hire using TechRank. Challenges are set automatically based on the role.

Data Driven

TechRank analyses the code responses from candidates and produces insightful reports than help you make decisions.

Improved Outcomes

TechRank auto-generates a pipeline to help you process candidates throughout the hiring cycle.

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