We Accelerate Your Tech Hiring Process

Get ahead of your competitors –  Our cutting-edge AI-driven platform ensures a fair, unbiased, and comprehensive technical screening, focusing on candidates’ actual skills 

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Video: How We Do It

Our AI evaluates candidates through a 15-minute technical screening, assessing their skills in real-world scenarios. 


For Hirers

Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of sifting through piles of CVs. Our AI-driven platform automates the initial screening process, ranking candidates by their skills and potential. This allows you to focus on interviewing the most promising candidates, saving you time and resources while ensuring you never miss out on hidden gems.

Based on their performance, candidates are automatically ranked in a standardized way so you can focus on the most qualified ones, in a fraction of the time.

Our AI-Driven Platform Conduct Interviews
Save More of your own Time


Get Your Developer’s Time Back

You didn’t hire Tech Leads to screen candidates. You hired them to build innovative and cutting-edge products that stand out in a crowded market. 

What if you could free up hundreds of hours of engineering and recruiting time? 

With TechRank’s AI-driven platform, you have the power to screen all candidates at scale, ensuring no talent goes unnoticed.

Free-Up Developers' Time
Increase Hiring Success


Data-Driven Hiring Signals

Cut through the noise and make better tech hiring decisions with our world-leading assessment technology and data-driven approach. Our technology replicates real-life tech environments so you can base your decisions on facts, not intuition.

You’ll gain deep insights into the technical ability of each candidate in comprehensive reports that guide your hiring process. Get the most accurate data to bring home the best talent.

Data On Candidates Skill Levels
Insights Beyond The Simple CV

Hiring Great Tech Talent Used To Be Painful, Slow & Expensive. Not Anymore.

Eliminate the fear of discarding great talent from your initial CV screening.

Candidate Ranking

The best candidates don't always have the best CV or resume, but they do have the best skills - we rank them for you!

Lower Hiring Costs

Save the time you would otherwise spend on interviewing candidates who aren't right for your roles.

Top Technical Assessments

The TechRank platform goes deeper by using a combination of technologies to match real-life tech demands.

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