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Automated platform that expertly scores & ranks tech candidates at scale (even if you’re not technical)


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Find the Best Tech candidate with Just a few clicks

TechRank pushes your role out to thousands of candidates within seconds. Or, you can choose to invite your own list of candidates. Either way, it’s then very easy to set a relevant skill challenge, even if you have no technical background yourself!

Finding the top few candidates from a large list is now a simple task. Our candidate ranking algorithm will do all of the hard work for you!

Roles are advertised far and wide
Easily Set Tech Challenges


Reduce Hiring Costs by up to 98%

Hiring new technologists can be a very expensive business. Agencies often charge a margin of around 20% on the candidate’s salary – resulting in a spend of many thousands per role.

We charge a very low fees because we have reinvented the end-to-end process and then automated it, saving us from the usual costs faced by agencies.

In addition, we’ve added far greater value by introducing tech challenges to allow the best candidates to emerge naturally.

Low Cost Packages
Superb Value for Money


Advanced assessment technology - Made Simple

TechRank makes it simple for anyone to set relevant tech challenges – even if you don’t have any tech skills.

Our world-leading assessment technology mimics real-life tech environments in a browser! So now, the best tech candidates can be judged on their actual skills.

Our reports allow hirers to gain deep insights into the technical ability of each candidate and make decisions based on facts rather than intuition alone.

Candidates Ranked By Skill Level
Reports on Candidate Skills

Hiring Good Tech People Was
Painful, Slow & Expensive. Until Now.

TechRank makes hiring good technologists as simple as ordering a taxi.

Fast End-to-End Hiring

Everything from finding candidates to ranking them by skill level - just with a few clicks!

Low Cost Hiring

Don't pay those expensive agency fees any more! Our ow cost packages will suit your needs.

Top Technical Assessments

The TechRank platform goes deeper by using a combination of technologies to match real-life tech demands.

Candidate Ranking

The best candidates don't always have the best CV or resume, but they do have the best skills - we rank them for you!

Automated Sourcing

We syndicate to hundreds of platforms to get as many candidates as possible to respond to your tech challenge!

The World's only Skills-Driven Hiring Platform

TechRank is the world's only platform that enables end-to-end hiring based on the actual skills of candidates.
Skills-Driven Sourcing

TechRank advertises roles far and wide across multiple global platforms to enable the right candidates to apply.

Skills-Driven Assessment

We believe tech skills are more important than a flashy CV or resume. Our challenges test candidates thoroughly.

Skills-Driven Ranking

TechRank scores all applicants and then ranks them in order. This makes it simple to select the very best applicants.