Skills-Driven Hiring™

Lead your hiring decisions with the world's most advanced tech talent assessment platform.

Boost Hiring Quality

Pinpoint the very best tech candidates in the entire applicant pool and hire candidates who are measurably the best.

Superior Challenges

Our tech experts create fullstack and real-world challenges that are unmatched by any other platform.

More Than Just Coders

TechRank helps you to assess Coders, Architects, Testers, BAs and many more key roles in your tech teams.

Lower Lead Times

Simplify your decision making by only focussing on candidates who demonstrate the skills that you require.

Built For Scale

Our packages are priced to encourage large scale usage on entire candidate pools in order to find the hidden gems.

Candidate Tracker

Keep track of all candidates and view their solution submissions in one easy dashboard that ranks candidates by their score.

Fullstack Tech Metrics Platform

The TechRank platform is the world’s most advanced tech metrics platform. Our browser-based IDE enables fullstack coding challenges for 60+ languages and frameworks.

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Continuous Metrics on Tech Skills

How well do you really know your tech talent? Without continuous metrics, it’s impossible to visualise and optimise the skills you invest so heavily in.

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