5 Ways to Streamline Your Process when Hiring Tech Candidates

Published: 27 June 2022
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Hiring great tech candidates can be a challenge in the best of circumstances. There are so many qualified candidates fresh from university as well as those looking for a career change. Along with all the great candidates, come the ones you would never wish to hire. Can you tell which is which?

You shouldn’t rely solely on a resume to decide which tech candidates to interview. Doing so will cause you to miss out on great candidates. Streamlining hiring processes will help you to get the right candidate in a shorter period.

Here are five ways you can streamline the hiring process.  

  1. Put less focus on the CV/Resume

    The CV used to be the only way to get to know your potential tech candidates. Unfortunately, it is not always truly representative of the candidate. Through coaching, or outright lying, these documents can be constructed to make a bad candidate look great.

    Putting less focus on the resume gives you a better shot of finding excellent candidates that might have been overlooked. This is because the best candidates do not always write the best resumes!

  2. Increase the quality of candidates in your short list

    The interview process is a long tedious process when you have a bad short list. You waste precious time and resources screening tech candidates that are a bad fit. These candidates should never have made it through to the short list.

    Testing the tech candidates before you generate a short list will improve the pool of those you are considering. This will eliminate the need to go through multiple hiring processes to bring on the talent that your organization requires.

  3. Reduce overload fatigue when interviewing

    Sitting down for one poor interview after another can be exhausting. You waste all your mental energy weeding through a list of tech candidates that should not even be there. By the time you get to an individual that really should be hired, you may not see the potential in front of you.

    Having the best candidates from the outset will allow you to focus on what really matters in the interviews. You will reduce the number of interviews necessary in a single day. The result will be a better quality of interview so you can narrow your scope with confidence.

  4. Decrease necessity for engineers to sit in on interviews

    Your engineers have a job to do. The more unqualified candidates that make it through the initial screening, the more technical interviews have to be conducted. This will decrease productivity amongst your engineers and they’ll blame you for finding poor candidates.

    Starting with a better short list will reduce the need for engineers until late-stage reviews. By feeling their time is being respected, engineers can be less resentful when sitting in on the interview. The process will be taken more seriously, resulting in a better interview.

  5. Hire with confidence

    Thanks to having a great short list, conducting better interviews, and maintaining good will with your engineers, you will have the confidence to hire a great tech candidate. Your hiring manager will be impressed with your skill at finding the best individuals for the positions needed to be filled.

    Hiring better people within the organization also means less need to replace employees. Those who are hired have a better likelihood of remaining on the job longer. No more constant cycles of hiring to replace those technicians that never should have been hired in the first place.

As you can see, it is possible to streamline your process. It all starts with using TechRank to shortlist your tech candidates. Using combinations of technical questions, challenges and conversations, the best tech candidates are skillfully identified. You will no longer have to deal with a pool of candidates that should not be interviewed.

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