Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Engineers to Run Tech Interviews

Published: 27 June 2022
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Your organization needs the best tech candidates possible. That’s why you feel excessive pressure to get it right the first time. Without the technical skills to know what truly makes a great tech candidate, you may find yourself relying on those that do. This means, more often than not, utilizing senior engineers to sit in on interviews.

There are several reasons why you should want to reduce this practice. Let’s look at a few of the problems with engineers conducting too many tech interviews.

  1. Engineers have a job to do

    Senior engineers are in the position they are in because they are good at their job. They have the technical skills to overcome challenges on a daily basis. It’s the reason they were advanced to their position.

    Asking a senior engineer to conduct an endless number interviews increases the likelihood they will become apathetic. They will feel as if they are not doing the job for which they were hired. The organization will be less productive. There is a good likelihood the engineers will even be resentful at the feeling they are doing the job of those in talent acquisition.

  2. Candidates may be scared off

    When engineers are apathetic, or even worse angry, about running too many interviews, they can scare tech candidates off. Seeing an engineer who appears less than enthusiastic, may give a false impression of the organization. Candidates will start thinking “is this how I will end up like?”  - no one wants to work for a company that drains engineers.

    The more interviews you conduct with engineers, the more likely this is going to occur. Before long, your engineers will not want to show up to any of the interviews and may start complaining or even quit.

  3. Your position may be jeopardized

    Making it difficult for people to do their job is bad. Creating a situation in which engineers quit is even worse. If you are seen as the cause of the problem, your own position will be in jeopardy.

    As pointless interviews drag on fingers will be pointed at who is responsible for production being down. Ultimately, you will be held responsible for occupying the time of senior engineers. There will be questions for you as to why it was necessary for them to run your interviews.

Reduce the need for senior engineer run interviews

The sheer number of interviews that have to be conducted is reduced dramatically when you modernize the screening process. This means putting less emphasis on the CV/resume.

Face it, the resume offers little insight into which tech candidates are better than others. Rather than relying on quick interviews as a part of your screening process, you should be outsourcing the creation of your short list.

TechRank is in the business of screening your tech candidates so your engineers can go back to work. Through proprietary techniques, we ensure the best candidates emerge at the top of your list. Every candidate will be asked technical questions to determine their knowledge. Real-world problems will be presented for solving. Only those with the skills necessary to do the job will make it through the process with a good ranking.

Armed with a great short list, you can set up first round interviews with confidence. Once you have narrowed your scope to the best of the best, you can ask your senior engineers to conduct their tech interviews. Removing the animosity generated from countless interviews will create a much more productive environment. The best tech candidates will be hired, your organization will be more productive, and you will gain recognition as being proficient in your putting forward amazing candidates!

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