Why offering a second chance for technical interviews matters

Published: 17 July 2022
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Entrance exams are the foundation of our modern society. Starting with school admission exams, which require specific preparation to pass, we move on to interview evaluations.

The idea behind the standard technical interviewing method is that candidates should be able to demonstrate their skills within a single interview on a specific day.

What if they experience a bad day? The applicants feel pressured and uncomfortable because there is just one opportunity.

Because we at Techrank firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance, we provide every applicant with the option of retaking their technical interview if they are unhappy with their performance for any reason.

Hire faster and make significant diversity progress

Leaders in business and technology routinely question how they may hire more quickly while progressing toward important diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives.

At Techrank, we've discovered that giving every applicant the possibility of a second chance interview significantly affects the hiring process' speed and diversity. Offering a second chance interview helps us ensure that our clients never pass up a brilliant prospect because they've had a poor day. We also help candidates relax throughout the interview, which results in improved performance.

Each applicant at Techrank has the choice to ask for a second change interview if they feel they did not provide their best effort during the first one.

We advise our customers to review the higher of the two scores, which Techrank publishes to them.

Because they are driven to work hard, persevere, and give their best to their ideal firm, candidates looking for a second chance interview frequently bring a lot of grit and dedication to the process.

Obtain your tech hiring objectives

Companies must improve their long-term relationships with candidates in a world where there is tremendous competition for talent by offering candidates practical interview feedback and continuous reassessment as they invest in developing their abilities. Even if they don't satisfy your standard on a specific day, the redo demonstrates that you care about them in the long run.

Your interaction with a candidate today will help you achieve your hiring objectives tomorrow.

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