How to Make the Impossible Task of Tech Hiring Easier

Published: 27 June 2022
3 min read

When you are the one in charge of screening technical experts, it can be a daunting task. You must find the needle in the haystack of CVs/resumes. You must sit through endless interviews. It is necessary to pull in engineers for interviews that end up going nowhere. Many days end with you being no closer to hiring someone than when the day began. All of this can leave you feeling dejected. It’s possible you will even consider whether you are suited to your position.

What if there was a better way? What if you could make hiring in tech easier? The good news is it is possible! All you need is the right assistance to get you on the right track.

You're about to discover just how easy hiring in tech can be.

Learn the truth about the CV/Resume

Where most professionals in talent acquisition go wrong is a blind dependence on the CV/resume. This document is supposed to be your insight into the tech candidate. It is supposed to show you which candidates should be considered, and which should not.

Did you know there are people who are paid to coach tech candidates, or even outright construct the CV/resume for them? This makes the document less than trustworthy when considering who to set up an interview with. It’s the reason why you sit through so many interviews with terrible tech candidates.

Meanwhile, the best candidates have no clue how to construct a CV that will grab your attention. You have eliminated them from the running right out of the gate. Rather than hiring the best of the best, you end up hiring the best of the worst. This creates the revolving door of bad interviews and technologists that are let go after a short duration.

Interviewing doesn’t have to be as draining as it is

You may notice as you start interviews that you feel less energetic every time. It is possible you are conducting so many interviews throughout the day that you are becoming drained.

Engineers find themselves sitting in on low-level interviews. They have become part of the screening process - something that should have been completed before interviews started is now falling on those who have other work to do. Not only do they resent having to sit in on countless interviews, but the organization suffers.

Reducing the number of interviews you conduct will improve your mental acuity. This will also mean not having to bother your engineers for anything other than late-stage interviews. It all comes down to having the right short list.

Create the best short list

Hiring in tech can be a lot easier when your focus is on the right people. This means having a superior shortlist. By putting less emphasis on the CV/resume, you can focus on the individual. Rather than being misled, you will see through to the capabilities of the technician.

Outsourcing the task of screening your tech candidates will help you to get the best short-list. This is possible with TechRank. Each candidate will answer technical questions, solve technical challenges, and encounter spontaneous technical conversations. At the end of the hour, top-notch candidates will be evident. We provide a full recording of the interview and expert opinion on the candidates’ skills.

No more going blind reading CVs. No more draining screening interviews. No more hiring the wrong person.

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