Are You Rejecting the Best Tech Candidates?

Published: 20 June 2022
4 min read

If you are like most Talent Acquisition functions, you go through a long hiring process. This is absolutely true in the tech sector. Every time there is a job opening, you will have a mountain of CVs to comb through. Interviews are conducted in which you pull in technologists from within your organization- and the process can take several months!

In the end, did you hire the best candidates? Chances are good that you hired someone with whom you are not completely satisfied.

This is because you started your shortlist with the wrong pool of candidates. How did this happen? You did everything you know to do in talent acquisitions.

Would it surprise you to learn this is an antiquated system that does not apply to the modern workforce?

  1. CVs do not accurately represent the candidate

    The CV is nothing more than a document. It can be crafted with little or no skill. Those who can craft an excellent CV may have been coached on how to do so or they may have outsourced the task to someone else. Putting down everything they know will catch the attention of a hiring manager will put them to the head of the list. Underneath, they may have poorly represented their actual skill set.

    Transversely, excellent candidates may have no idea how to put together a great CV. The result is they are passed over. These candidates have concentrated their time on honing their tech skills rather than how to write a proper CV. You do not want this candidate to end up in the reject pile!

  2. You’re suffering from interview fatigue

    Not having a true picture of the candidate from the CV means you will end up conducting interviews that go nowhere. As soon as you get the individual in front of you, it is easy to see they are not the individual represented on paper. This will waste your time as well as those you have brought in to help.

    Over time, you will start to feel as if the interviewing process is pointless. You will be listening less and making more assumptions. This fatigue will cause you to enter interviews with a defeated stance. If you do happen to get a suitable candidate, you may struggle to show the same enthusiasm that you originally radiated.

  3. You’re not technical enough to ask the right questions

    Let‘s say you get a great candidate through the screening process. The interviews can go awry if you do not know the right questions to ask. You don’t have the background to ask highly technical questions and you can’t ask your developers to sit in on every interview - they have a job to do!

    As a consequence, the quality of the candidates you shortlist suffers. The hiring manager becomes impatient with the quality of candidates that come through to his/her team and you start to feel the heat. Everyone feels like they’re wasting their time and start to point fingers at each other.

Break the cycle with the right kind of help

You can start the process the right way with a company like TechRank on your side. No more endless sifting through CVs. No more pointless screening interviews. No more hiring the wrong person.

What you end up with is a list of top-notch candidates to choose from. All you need to do is select the one that is the best fit with your existing team.

The process used by TechRank utilizes a combinations of technical questions, technical challenges and spontaneous technical conversations to whittle down your applicant pool to the very best shortlist possible. If someone knows what they are doing, we will find them. Those who shouldn’t be considered will become self-evident.

Not only will you save a huge amount of your time by outsourcing the screening process to experts, but your hiring managers will be delighted with the quality of the candidates you present to them!

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